who we are

We broadcast the newest hits and the world`s most popular hits in the "pop hits" channel, and in our other channel we broadcast the best music specially selected out of a wide range of hits through the years in the "classic hits" channel.

We`ve got a wide range of hits and we`re not only playing hits. But we also play the music of artists who are very talented but not always made it to the top of the music industry.We provide not only a wide range of music but also a good sound quality thanks to our advanced sound processing what meets the top standard in the world and of course always in HD audio.

comments from our listeners

Jessica Laster

Great radio station, great hits.

Camala Beata

Finally i am hearing a lot of music i've never known. It's always a pleasure to listen to this radio station.

Patrick Muller

I love this radio station. Good music!

Edna Jones

I always hear my favorite songs on this station, perfect!